One woman's journey and dawning realization of the slow destruction of her spirit while trapped in the jaws of disability.

Disability is at first an affliction of the body, then a state of mind and finally a shackle upon the spirit.

Lydia M N Crabtree, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moles, Meditation & Health Through Spiritual Work

I have this belief that we are all alike, deep, deep, deep down. Further, I believe in pain, sickness, disease, dis-ease and heartache our sameness shines through even more. People in pain do not care how that pain is alleviated, just that it is alleviated. People, who are sick, just want to be well and they aren’t picky about who makes happens. Disease is the great equalizer.

In a world where science parted ways with spirituality a long time ago, I believe we have cut ourselves off to avenues of healing that would still be available if not for the advent of science.  Of course, that is not to say that science has had its contribution. It is more to say that science is similar to any man who believes he is an island and needs nothing more: lonely, not very dimensional and probably hungry for something other than coconuts.

Science is finally drifting into the gray area between itself and spirituality. With string theory and M-Theory we are finding that what medicine men and wise women of the native tribes have said all along – you cannot part the soul from the body and treat just the body and ignore the soul.

 I hate this part. Because I figure if I meditate and I am successful now, then I did suck. I was lazy and I wasn’t awesome enough to get myself well earlier. Everyone will know that for three years I have pish poshed around when I could have done more to make me well.

I know that many who are sick and diseased feel this way. It is PRIDE that keeps us from doing things that might help. It is also a little of, I kind of like being in this state. Yep, I said it, well, wrote it! Some of us who are sick are comfortable. Their sickness frees them from responsibility. It becomes a crutch in their relationships. They think, I really don’t want to do the dishes, even though I probably could – so – they play up the sick and don’t do the dishes or cook or clean or do much of anything.  If we get well, well, then we would have to woman or man up and take some responsibility.

So recently, I did a meditation to find what animals I should be working with. Some of you may or may not buy into the whole “totem animal” thing just hang with me. I ended up being presented with the mole. That’s right, the mole.  I looked up “totem animal mole” and got nearly the same thing stated verbatim on several sites (plagiarize much?). It said that a mole needs to touch people and things more.

Touch things? Really?

So I looked up the North American mole and came up with some pretty helpful conclusions:

§  Moles rely up on their sense outside of hearing and sight. So I should be relying on all my sense that are beyond hearing and sight. I am experiencing my life by what I feel, what my body tells me and what I decide in myself.

§  Moles are solitary critters. They spend the majority of their time alone in the cocoon of the mother earth. So I needed to wrap myself in the natural world and be still with it. I need to meditate.

§  Moles are always active, night or day. I need to be active. Being sick seems to encourage you to be a couch potatoe. You need to get out and do something. Try doing a little something every day, then doing a little something more the next day, just stay busy.

§  Since the moles ears are not exteriorly placed, it leaves one with the impression that the only voice they are hearing is the one in their own head. So if the only voice I am really hearing is mine, I need to be sure what I am saying is positive and leads toward healing. What I say to myself is as important as what I may have to say to Divinity, for I am part of the Divine.

Today I meditated. I saw the mole excavating the ground and eating things that needed to be kept in check. Then I visualized myself in the spiritual world eating and being forced to eat evil. As I child it was crammed down my throat. However, unlike the mole, who eats and his high metabolism quickly transmutes the over abundance of a pest, I never transmuted the evil I was forced to eat. It has been stuck, lodged if you will in my WILL chakra.

Most would say that illness is related to the Root or Base Chakra, and for me I found the root of my disease in my WILL chakra. It was a backlog of all that evil. Festering and fretting and rolling around in my physical space because of its spiritual connection to my body. So I released the moles asking them to devour and transform the negativity and evil energy within me.

You may not believe in moles as totem animals or meditation and visualization to create a new reality within your own body. I have my days of doubt too. However, before you go off looking for some person to help heal you, ask yourself what you have done toward healing. Do you just sit on the couch or in bed and do nothing or do you mediate and work on yourself in an attempt to bring some balance into your life. Maybe you just need to spend some time in prayer, or reading the Scriptures or you just need to go for a long walk in a remote space and reconnect with your idea of the Divine. Remember, the mind and body cannot be separated; therefore to treat the body and ignore your mind’s part to play in your current situation is na├»ve and dangerous to your health.

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